Thursday, March 19, 2009

Valentines Day Cupcakes

Brynn wanted to bring Cupcakes to school for her Valentines day party, so at 9pm the night before i set forth to making some......This is what came of it! In the morning when she saw them so was SOOO very excited she looked at them and smiled so big with a shaky voice she said "ohhhh thank you mommy, they are so beautiful!" That alone made it worth staying up till midnight!

Frog Cake

This Cake was Made For my Nephews 4th Birthday which was on February 29th of last year, so Naturally being a LEAP YEAR baby, the theme was Frogs!
There were a TON of people at this party, so I added Mini cupcakes, that have little Flys on them. made out of root beer flavored jelly bellies and frosting for the wings!

Pirate Cake

This was my first attempt at a cake that actually required more than a cake mix and frosting!This was for my step-daughters 4th birthday, DAUGHTER! She at the Time LOVED pirates, and insisted on having a Pirate themed party, so we all wore bandanas and eye patches, her pinata was a treasure chest and we even had a pirate jumpy house! This cake was tons of fun, and challenging but definitly worth all the time it took, she was soo happy with the finished product that she wanted to keep it and not let anyone eat it!
GULP, 4th bday...she is almost 6 now. geeze where does the time go.